Scoring in a dark market with mobile second screening

For Malaysian football fans, watching live matches over a drink with friends is a vital part of the culture. Fans are also take a keen interest in statistics and love nothing more than competing on their knowledge of the beautiful game.

Tiger Beer’s ‘Tiger FC’ football fan club taps into this market, but in 2014 wanted to extend their reach and drive beer sales beyond a small number of organised parties.

But Malaysia has strict laws which posed an interesting challenge: alcohol advertising is forbidden by law and on-trade activity is also banned.

Maxus Malaysia & Metalworks knew we had to harness the spirit of live games, but how?

Malaysians spend more time online (3.1 hours a day) than any other nation in Asia. This is particularly true of Malaysian footie supporters who are deeply connected to the mobile internet, using their phones to discuss players and share comments during games. Twitter hashtags such as #epl #mufc and #liverpool all trend throughout live matches.

So we saw an opportunity to use mobile to unleash the competitive spirit of every fan in every bar for every football match broadcast in Malaysia — and reward them with beer for doing so.

We created Gameday — a Tiger FC experience in every fan’s pocket that extends their passion, knowledge and competitive spirit around the beautiful game.

Gameday is a mobile web application, which operates from any mobile browser and doesn’t need installation, making it quick and accessible to all.

Football fans use Gameday as a second screen during live events, they score points by predicting the action, answering questions and taking part in polls in real time; then it shares your answers and ranking with the other players

Points are instantly redeemable for Tiger FC beers, prizes and gadgets. Social media shares are rewarded with extra points.