Sharpen your skills

How digital ambassadors helped 25,000 young people improve their employability

With confidence in banks at an all-time low, Barclays image needed restoring to reflect the brand purpose “Helping people realise their ambitions – in the right way”.

In the UK youth unemployment is a hot issue, the current rate is the worst for 20 years. Ambition needs education, so Barclays turned to Maxus UK for help in their mission to help ambitious young people get a head start in their career.

So we created Lifeskills, an open to all program designed to equip young people with the skills they need to find a job and excel in the workplace.

We encouraged Barclays to target those who needed help most, but this meant appealing to disenfranchised young people who avoid mainstream communication.

So we activated peers who displayed the qualities Lifeskills teaches – self-confidence, business acumen, goal-setting, and networking. Vloggers were the answer.

We recruited eight Vloggers to make videos about Lifeskills directing viewers to Instagram, inviting them to post selfies about a Lifeskill they would like help developing – and they did so in their thousands.