January 20, 2017

Maxus OS launches across the globe

By Maxus Global 

Maxus Global

Maxus Global

We are very excited to announce the launch of Maxus OS, a unique platform designed to connect all 3,000+ Maxus people around the network and enable them to work more efficiently. It’s our new world, online.

Media has never been more complex, and the ongoing pace of development means we are able to continually unlock fresh, innovative and compelling opportunities to lead change and engage customers. But this opportunity also means we have to operate across an increasingly wide range of channels, platforms, technologies and techniques, which the Maxus OS will bring together.

We believe that the Maxus OS is going to enable us to deliver even more exciting, insightful, innovative and integrated solutions for our clients. It will offer inspiration, information and the necessary resources to collaborate in a unique Maxus space for a more synchronized, unified and effective global company.

We can’t wait to show our clients the new platform, but for a little taste of what to expect, watch the video below: