September 23, 2015

Maxus Malaysia & Metalworks Awarded by Ad Week for the Most Innovative Sports Marketing Campaign of 2015

By Maxus Global 

Maxus Global

Maxus Global

Tiger Beer Gameday was named as the Most Innovative Sports Marketing campaign of the year in Ad Week's Project Issac Awards.

The awards celebrate work that ignites the imagination and vision to find what lies beyond the proven and predictable. Gameday was created because Tiger Beer wanted to extend their reach and drive beer sales beyond a small number of organised football parties. But Malaysia is a dark market: advertising and on-trade activity is forbidden.

Malaysian footie supporters love statistics, are deeply competitive and mobile obsessed. So Maxus Malaysia and Metalworks created Gameday, a mobile web game fans use as a second screen during live events, they scored points for predicting the action and shares with friends and then redeemed them for prizes and beers.

43% of people targeted used the app and 38% ended up redeeming for beer. Users were 3 times more likely to share their experiences on social media than for competitor brands.

Nico Abbruzzese, global director of creative technology at Maxus said of the win; “Brands have always used sponsorships as a means to increase brand affiliation with sports. The popularity of the Gameday app at a live sporting event proves that they have an option to engage with their customers in a novel way and be an active influencer.”

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