March 07, 2017

International Women’s Day: Finding inspiration everywhere

By Abbie Baisden Global Content Manager

Abbie Baisden

Abbie Baisden

Global Content Manager

We take International Women’s Day pretty seriously at Maxus HQ.

We know that to create a sustainable, innovative and inclusive business you need to have a diverse work force, and embracing female talent is crucial to our success. We’ve even dedicated an entire development programme to it in the form of Walk The Talk.

We’re proud of the fact that we are inspiring the next generation of female leaders by encouraging the women in our network to be bold and believe in their own abilities. And we know that they in turn will carry the torch and become mentors and muses for the female leaders of the future, but who inspired our current crop of female superstars?

Women have always been doing amazing, inspiring things, whether in business, art, politics or any other aspect of the world we live in. We asked our team to share which women inspirited them to push themselves further throughout their lives.

Read some of their stories below, and share your own with us on twitter @MaxusGlobal using #InspirationEverywhere

Joline Deen – Maxus Netherlands

My inspiration has been the singer Etta James for years. How that woman has faced so many personal problems and addictions, but still kept fighting for her future is so inspiring! Etta has won 6 Grammy Awards and 17 Blues Music Awards. Her voice and songs encourage me. It is so beautiful. This truly is a power-woman and gives me the feeling that the only person who can change your life is you.

Elizabeth McCune – GroupM US

I had boss a few years back who was very intelligent and very successful but also very open about her challenges with rising up the ladder while also trying to be a good wife and mother.  It was reassuring for me to see that someone I’d see as so focused also had her moments of self-doubt and frustration.  It was a very real dose of ‘moving up is possible but it’s not always easy’ for me and I’ve recalled something so silly that she said years ago during a pitch, when we had been working for days thru a snowstorm and Valentine’s day.  She said “can’t we just all relax a bit and drink some coco.” I know, so simple and kind of silly but when I get very stressed and feel like I’m pushing up against overwhelming barriers I remember that it’s okay to want an easier path and that others feel the same way.

Lindsay Pattison – Maxus Global CEO

Michelle Obama is a real inspiration in general, but in particular I love the quote ‘when they go low, we go high’. She is smart, caring, and has humour and grace in every situation. She was the force alongside her husband not merely behind him, and next time maybe she should stand herself.

Viktória Nehéz – Maxus Hungary

My inspirational woman is prize-winning author Magda Szabó Kossuth, who wrote 46 books. I’ve liked reading since my childhood, and when I was eight we would be given reading assignments as homework every week, but I would rush through them much-much sooner. I developed a love for reading and have finished nearly all her books.

Stephanie Robles – Maxus Netherlands

I grew up watching Oprah Winfrey on TV, reading about her, following her charities. She pulls it off to be herself, be vulnerable, to be open to others’ opinions, visions and empathy. At the same time you see she is passionate for what she does which made her successful, not just for the sake of being successful, she chased what she’s good at facing her fears. The fact that she’s completely self-made is not even relevant, because anyone can get their own success if you know what and why.