January 23, 2017

Emotion Analytics

By Tom Kelshaw Director of Creative Technology

Tom Kelshaw

Tom Kelshaw

Director of Creative Technology

In a study of 1,400 successful advertising campaigns, those with purely emotional content perform 2x better than those with only rational content

Tom Kelshaw explores the new emotive technologies and metrics for marketers.

A New Era Of Measurement

Marketers have long struggled, as a result of changing media and consumer behaviors, to understand and improve the effect of their advertising. They know advertising works, but as creative messages multiply, analyzing the individual and complementary contribution of each component becomes increasingly difficult.

Digital technologies introduced a range of newly trackable metrics, but also new challenges around viewability, click-through rates and post-view behavior, and even advertising avoidance.

Now, better technology delivers a more powerful means of understanding the immediate effect of advertising.

Emotion Analytics give marketers a means to move beyond surveys by measuring microscopic physical actions. Micro-expressions, eye movements and other biometrics like heart-rate and breathing can be measured through remote panels or in real time, similar to web analytics.

For marketers, the proliferation of sensors that detect emotional responses bring new possibilities in measuring their messages and adapting tactics in real-time. This report looks at the latest developments in Emotion Analytics, and considerations for marketers if they choose to use this exciting technology.

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