March 08, 2016

Celebrating International Women’s Day with the great women of Maxus

By Abbie Baisden Global Content Manager

Abbie Baisden

Abbie Baisden

Global Content Manager

International Women's Day invites us to celebrate the accomplishments of the women around us, whether it's personal, political or part of their career. We are fortunate enough at Maxus to have an abundance of talented women on our teams across the world, from entry level executives to our Global CEO, and we wanted to share their stories to inspire the next generation of female leaders. Here are a few snippets of insight into the lives of the wonderful women of Maxus.

What is your favourite part of your job?

“I speak to people in our 70 offices all around the world every day – my colleagues are not just those sat next to me. And even though we work in a remote way, there is still a such a strong bond there – it’s like having a massive team of the most interesting, diverse characters – very rewarding and I’ve learnt a lot about different cultures.” Tamsin Ward – Associate Global Marketing Director

“Coaching the team to shine their own way”  Vina Yustiana – General Manager,  Maxus Indonesia

“The consultancy role; being the expert and having clients that rely on my expertise to help them achieve their goals.” Kathrine Karstensen – Nordic Client Service Director

How did you get to where you are today?

“I arrived in the UK with £600 when I was 18. I worked anywhere that would have me in a variety of roles before finding a niche in advertising in a mobile marketing start-up in Bristol. I paid my way through e-Marketing courses while working and moved to London where I found a media agency that would have me at the age of 24. The rest is history!” Talitha Gamaroff – Digital account Director – Maxus London

“By consistently trying to better myself, my skills, and my craft. I set my own personal goals and try and learn from everyone around me. Innovation is something I am incredibly passionate about but you need a network of people around you to create that.” Shivani Maharaj – Head of Innovation & Partnerships – Maxus Australia

“It was a combination of many things. First of all, it’s people. I joined the team that was at the forefront of the media business in Russia. We were breaking first ground. It’s amazing to look back and see how much we have achieved together. Secondly it’s business environment in Russia, wild at times, but with so many opportunities. And of course I love what I do, that passion is a great driver and it still is with me even after all those years in this tough business.” Maria Elchinova – CEO – Maxus Russia

Biggest achievement so far?

“Making Maxus a better, friendly, fairer and more creative place to build your career.” Jen Smith – Head of Planning & Strategy – Maxus London

“Esteem of clients and colleagues, the perception to be a person on who the agency can rely on and invest in.” Angela Cacella – Media Supervisor – Maxus Milan

“Juggling being a young mom and be a GM at the age of 32. To hear someone saying “I want to be like Eileen someday”.”Eileen Ooi – General Manager, Strategy & Platforms – Maxus Malaysia

Biggest challenge?

“Trying to stay ahead of the ever-evolving digital and social media landscape.” Amanda Newberg – Senior Partner, Group Media Director – Maxus New York

“Hands down the juggle of being a working mother, a good manager to my team and a true client partner. Each day I need to take stock and decide where my primary, secondary and tertiary attention is most needed. This often adjusts and redistributes by the hour!Sarah Jayne Giannantonio – Senior Partner, Integrated Group Director – Maxus Los Angeles

“Getting over the assumption that I need to be working 24/7 and “always on” to prove my worth.” Martina Lacey – Global Business Development Director 

On International Women’s Day, what is one piece of advice you would give young women starting their career? 

“Be yourself and don’t apologise for it.” Joanna Cronk – Communications Director – Maxus New York

“Be loyal and committed, but always keep in mind what your own goals are. Don’t be afraid to make risky decisions that are best for you, others will understand.” Stephanie Robles – Client Director – Maxus Amsterdam

“Be interested and interesting….you have to work hard and be open to learning something new everyday.” Amanda Connor – Client Director – Maxus London

“To be responsible and modest, but not to be afraid to give their opinion!” Paola Crivelli – Media Supervisor – Maxus Milan

“Be Natural. Be Confident.” Priti Murthy – Chief Strategy Officer – Maxus India

“Put your hand up to do more, and ensure you speak up and get the credit for doing the brilliant work, don’t hide in a team.”Lindsay Pattison – Global CEO