February 01, 2017

5 things everyone in Media was talking about in January

By Abbie Baisden Global Content Manager

Abbie Baisden

Abbie Baisden

Global Content Manager

It's the first media round up of 2017! And what a start to the year, see below for our hot take on what everyone was talking about in January:

  1. Vegas’ own gadget super-conference CES was back in town in all its geeky tech glory and this year was all about the bots.
  2. The World Economic Forum once again met in Davos to discuss how to set the world to rights, with a special focus on responsible leadership.
  3. Speaking of responsible leadership, it’s impossible to exclude Donald Trump’s inauguration in any news round up for January 2017. London’s Evening Standard asked a panel of experts (including our own Lindsay Pattison) about what this presidency means for business.
  4. And with the inauguration came the uproar of claims of ‘fake news’, Facebook’s responsibility and how it swayed the election. Luckily for us, Forbes has put together some notes on how advertisers can combat the phenomenon.
  5. Finally, completely casting our eyes away from the White House, we have some fantastic research conducted by Spotify and GroupM around the opportunities in streaming.

Happy New Year everyone!